Touring in the Time of C19

[Last updated April 24, 2021]

Safety first. Keep up to date on the Covid-19 Pandemic situation in Argentina.

As of late April, 2022, over 80% of the Argentine population is completely vaccinated with two doses.

Schools have returned to in-person classes as of September. As we are now in the spring in the southern hemisphere there is more ventilation. Wearing masks in public transportation, taxis, schools and government offices is mandatory, and, speaking anecdotally, I have never seen anyone enter a store without a mask.

Requirements and Conditions for entry to Argentina

– Electronic Affidavit, available online and to be completed 48 hours before boarding. Click this link for the Electronic Affidavit.

– Medical travel insurance that includes hospitalization, quarantine, and transportation coverage of COVID-19 for those who tested positive, are a suspected case of COVID-19 infection, or are contact of a probable confirmed case.

We will be updating this site in the next few weeks with any changes to these requirements as well as further information on the best private health care facilities in Buenos Aires for foreign travelers.


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