Why take a private walking tour of Buenos Aires with BA City Guide

Here are five reasons to talk a tour with our native English speaking guides!

1. Understanding and experience – BACityGuide is all about getting closer to life in the city and trying to understand what makes Buenos Aires tick. A lot of tourist guides only want to show tourists the “pretty” side of Argentina and give pat answers to complicated questions. But maybe you are wondering why inflation in Argentina is over 45% annually and how do locals deal with it? Or you want to know whether Perón was a dictator or not? Feel awkward about asking locals why there don’t seem to be many indigenous looking people or people of African decent here? Want to know if it is possible to see “real” tango?santa maria

When I first moved to Argentina in 2002, I had all these questions and more. And while it might seem bold for someone who wasn’t born here to claim a better understanding of Buenos Aires than many natives, being a foreigner here for over 17 years has given me a distinct perspective on the city, as well as a need to dig deep in order to understand this place that I have made my home in a way that most natives take for granted. Also, I grew up in New York City and studied Urban Studies at Columbia University, so cities are my passion.

2. Maximum flexibility – Everyone has their own way of visiting new places and my aim is to help you find what attacts, interests and fascinates you most about this city. Want to see some of the major sites and have time to photograph and learn about them, but also go off the beaten track and see the less touristy side of the city? That is what BA City Guide is about. Every tour is truly unique.

guemes3. Private tours, reasonable prices – BACityGuide gives tours to individuals, couples and small groups, and the prices are very reasonable. Plus, whenever possible, the tours mix a healthy amount of walking with public transportation (subways and buses) to get closer to everyday life in the city. And, of course, private transportation will be arranged whenever needed or preferred.

4. Passion for travel and experiencing the world – Before settling in Buenos Aires, I had done my share of traveling (lived in Spain, hitchhiked three times around the U.S., and spent four months crisscrossing India) and I love seeing new places, learning and trying to better understand of the world. As a guide here in Argentina, my aim is to help others on their own journeys to do the same.

self portait BACityGuide5. Native English speaking guide – Should that not be obvious at this point. Plus, I can give you some pointers about the local and very particular Spanish of Buenos Aires (“castellano” as they strangely call it) that might help you.

Want to inquire about a tour or just ask us questions about Buenos Aires and Argentina? Contact us at BACityGuide@gmail.com

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