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Following is a list of our current offering of tours, but if there is something you want to see that is not here, please, write to us and ask at:  BACityGuide@gmail.com

Click the tour titles for full details:

Buenos Aires Intro Tour – A three hour tour in the historic downtown to get you oriented and give you some of the cultural and historical context of the city and the nation.

A Brief History of Argentina – Explores the history and significance of a number of major monuments and buildings of the city that represent the colony becoming a nation, and the port city becoming its capital.

Jewish Buenos Aires – The current reality and history of the largest Jewish community in Latin America.

The Old City Tour – An exploration of some of the oldest parts of Buenos Aires: La Boca, San Telmo and Monserrat.

EVITA (don’t cry for me Argentina) tour – A four hour tour that separates myth from reality while celebrating the life and legend of Argentina’s most famous first lady.

Photo Tours – Time dedicated to photography,with an experienced photographer / photo guide.

A Different Tango Tour – A tour to help you understand what tango was during its golden age and what it is today to Argentines whose culture has been marked by the lyrics, melodies and styles of a musical genre that runs much deeper than it seems.

Full Day Tour – The six best known sites of Buenos Aires, in four neighborhoods, with time to go off the beaten track as well!

The Mothers, the Dictatorship, and the Disappeared – a tour focused exclusively on the dark history of the last Argentine dictatorship (1976-83) that disappeared 30,000 citizens, as well as those that risked their lives to resist this terror. This tour is essential to understanding life today in Argentina.

Interested in setting up a customized tour or maybe you just have some questions about travel in Buenos Aires and Argentina? Do not hesitate to write to us. We are extremely flexible:  BACityGuide@gmail.com

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