BA Essentials

Information and advice for planning your trip. Whether you are taking a tour with BA City Guide or not, we want to share some essential information that will SAVE YOU MONEY and make for smoother touring. 1. "The Blue Dollar" or getting more than TWICE as many pesos for your dollar - There are many... Continue Reading →

About BA City Guide

Welcome to BA City Guide where we are truly excited to be able to once again share the beauty and wonders of Buenos Aires and Argentina with visitors as Argentina reopens its borders to tourists! On this page you will learn about us, our experiences, our passion for travel and sharing culture, and our tours.... Continue Reading →

Health and Safety

[Last updated April 24, 2021] Safety first. Keep up to date on the Covid-19 Pandemic situation in Argentina. As of late April, 2022, over 80% of the Argentine population has received a full dosage of vaccination. Schools have returned to in-person classes as of September, 2021. As we are now in the spring in the... Continue Reading →

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