A Brief History of Buenos Aires

In four hours, starting in the old money neighborhood of Recoleta, we wind our way southward towards the downtown, visiting monuments, sites and places that tell the stories of major historical moments of Argentina and Buenos Aires from its founding, to the birth of the newrecoleta menorah girl nation during the  Independence Wars with the Spanish, its long civil war period, the Golden Age when Buenos Aires became the Paris of South America, through to the complex political movement known as “Peronism”. The aim of the tour is to give you an historical lens for viewing and experiencing daily life in the Argentine capital.

Highlights of this tour include the tomb of Evita Perón and the Recoleta Cemetery, the mansions of the wealthy families of Argentina, possible visits to art galleries, the Plaza San Martín where General José de San Martín drilled his soldiers in preparation for battle with the Spanish, and the stunning Galeria Guemes. The tour ends with the Plaza de Mayo, but if you have already seen that we can offer other options like the Teatro Colón Opera House or the former Post Office building that is now the Kirchner Cultural Center.

Duration: 4 hours

Fees:  USD 115 for groups of up to 6 people. (Note this is the total price for the group, not a per person rate.)

Please, contact us directly for costs for larger groups.

Fee includes the cost of any public transportation – buses or subways – we take on the tour. For an additional fee we can pick you up and / or return you to your hotel. Cost does not include any food or beverages consumed during the tou.

Have questions or want to book a tour? Write to us at bacityguide@gmail.com


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