Jewish Buenos Aires

templolibertadWith a population of 250,000 Jewish people, Buenos Aires is the largest Jewish city in Latin America. Though Jews have had a presence in Argentina since the early 16th Century when Sephardic merchants escaped the persecution of the Spanish Inquisition and made a small community near the port of Buenos Aires, the establishment of the current (largely Ashkenazi) Jewish community dates back to 1860 and the founding of the Israelita Congregation of the Republic of Argentina (Congregación Israelite de la Republica de Argentina).

This tour covers the history of the Jews in Buenos Aires and Argentina including the establishment of urban jewry in Buenos Aires in the 1860s, the rural settlements of the Jewish gauchos in the 1890s and early 1900s, the Tragic Week of 1919 (referred to as a pogrom in Buenos Aires) and the terrorist attacks of the king Highlights include the Gran Templo Libertad synagogue, the memorial to the victims of the AMIA bombing, and the traditional neighborhood of El Once.

Note: This tour is given ideally between Tuesday – Friday (starting before noon on Fridays) as the Jewish Museum / Gran Templo Libertad are only open on those days. Jewish tours can be given on Saturday – Monday, but without access to the Gran Templo Libertad (synagogue). If you interested in attending services at a temple – whether you are taking a tour or not – please, contact us directly.

Duration:  4 hours.

Fees: USD 120 for groups of up to 6 people. Note this is the total price for the group, not a per person rate, however for this tour there is an additional fee of USD 10 per person for entrance to the Jewish Museum, which is paid directly to the Museum when we visit. Everyone on the tour must have proper ID to enter the Museum: a photocopy of a passport or a valid Drivers License.

Please, contact us directly for fees for larger group tours. This fee includes hotel pick up and return. It does not include the cost of any food or beverages consumed during the tour.

Have questions or want to book a tour? Write to us at



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