Buenos Aires Full Day Tour

A comprehensive seven hour whirlwind tour that will cover all the major sites of the “Paris of South America”. If you have one day to see the city or want to make sure you don’t miss any of the famous sites, while also getting the advantage of a private guide to explain the history and meaning of these sites, this is the tour for you!

From south to north we cover the neighborhoods of La Boca, San Telmo, Monserrat, San Nicolás, Retiro and Recoleta.

Tour highlights include: Caminito, the famous street of colored house in La Boca, the Old Market and Ezeiza House in San Telmo, the Church of San Ignacio in Monserrat (which is the oldest church in Buenos Aires), the Plaza de Mayo including the Casa Rosada, Cabildo and Cathedral, the Obelisco and Colón Opera House on the Avenida Nueve de Julio and the famous Recoleta Cemetery with the tomb of Evita Perón. And we are ready, willing and able to switch off any sites you are interested in for others we have listed. Flexibility is our way!

The tour also includes a coffee break at one of the classic cafés of the city as well as a stop over for a light lunch. Tour costs do not include the cost of food or beverages.

prensa door

Duration:  7 hours.

Fees:  USD 200 for up to 6 people. (Note this is the total price for the group, not a per person rate.)

Please, contact us directly for fees for larger group tours. Pick and / or return to hotel can be arranged for an additional fee. Please, contact us in advance for this service.

Have questions or want to book a tour? Write to us at bacityguide@gmail.com


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